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Get Acquainted with our Finest Posture Perfect Spinemaster

The Royal Experience

Meticulously designed in the UK by Certified Chiropractors. Tested to provide orthopaedic therapy for a healthy spine and body.

Pressure Relief at Customised Points

The 7 to 9 chiropractic support zones boast individually pocketed springs of different coil concentration. Providing pressure relief in areas which require additional support such as the neck, shoulders and hips.


Universally comfortable with a medium firmness, our mattress provides you with just the right amount of support. No more sinking in or achy pains from overly soft & firm mattresses.

Top-Notch Materials

Glacial Linen Fabric Topper (SpineMaster Frost) wicks body heat away and brings the temperature down, keeping you cool throughout the night.

Minimal Motion Transfer

Let your sleeping partner snooze in peace. The individually pocketed springs reduces motion transfer that leaves minimal disturbance to your sleeping partner. It also provides optimum care and support for your spine.

Experience the best sleeping posture of your lifetime with our Finest Posture Perfect Spinemaster

We’ve Got You Covered For 10 Years

Indulge in a worry-free slumber with our 10-year warranty for all medical mattresses. Crafted with industrial-grade raw materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to rigorous international quality tests, we assure you that your luxurious sleeping experience is made to last.
(At least a decade, or longer.)

What People Love About Us

We made the best decision ever by deciding to get a Spinemaster Frost – King, for our new apartment. The cooling material is perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

- Janice

Have had a bad experience with previous mattresses sagging from the weight of my husband and I combined after a few months into use. Our Spinemaster Luxe has been looking perfect so far, no creaking and little motion transfer, even if one of us stirs from our sleep.

- Crystal & Hubby

Gave the medical mattresses a go after battling back aches and body pain with an unsuitable mattress for months. My body pain has lessened significantly and I have been having uninterrupted sleep every night.

- Kelvin