Signature Medi-Pillow

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Japanese No. 1 Ergonomic Support Signature Medi-Pillow.

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Patented Japan Technology Engineered for Superior Ergonomic Support. Ideal for improving sleep posture to alleviate the following conditions:

Revolutionary Patented Technology & Recommended By Medical Practitioners Worldwide

The Science Behind Pearl-logy
Our patented "Pearl-Beads" offers different supportive functions. Each Pearl-type features different size, density and shape, resulting in a plethora of benefits to provide you with optimum comfort and support.


Baby-gems reduce neck stress for users due to its ability to conform to natural body contours.


Offers a unique "Comfort Air-Feel" due to its fluidity. Provides superb air circulation during sleep.


Soft, permeable and elastic qualities provide excellent support for users during sleep.

Your Holistic Care Pillow

It is proven that a good night’s sleep not only results in less back pain, but also improves memory, boosts creativity, increased lifespan, lower blood pressure, reduces inflammation, better athletic performance, improved learning abilities, sharpened attention, healthier metabolism, reduced stress and greater happiness.

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