Spinemaster Frost IX

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Spinemaster Frost IX

The coolest kid on the block. Wicks heat and keeps you cool throughout the night.
Expect a pampering sleep experience with this one.

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Designed with an ingenious Glacial Linen fabric topper constructed with linen eco-fibers aimed to promote extreme breathability, heat dissipation, and surface cooling while you sleep. The Spinemaster Frost IX ensures your body remains cool and dry throughout the night. The 11” mattress is fitted with 9 specialized contour zones. These zones are created through heavier guard coils and increased coil concentration in specific body areas.

Zonal Therapy

Each contour zone (7-Zone or 9-Zone) in our mattresses consist of individually pocketed springs with different coil intensity. The number of coils in each spring corresponds to the different areas of the body. A heavier coil concentration of springs will provide a strong pushback to support heavier areas such as the shoulders and hips.

The Zonal Therapy technology (backed by chiropractors) help support and nurture a healthy spine curvature. Bid goodbye to your aches and pain.

Stay cool 24/7

Specially designed for hot weathers, Glacial Linen Fabric stays cool throughout the day and night, giving you the best sleep you can ever dream of.

Individually Pocketed Spring

The individually encased coils not only provide utmost care and support for your spine but also reduces motion transfer resulting in minimal disturbance to you & your sleeping partner.

High Density Memory Foam

Containing a deep comfort layer of High Density Memory Foam that conforms to your natural curves. It supports concave areas such as your lower back, your spine and body in a natural position while you sleep, providing optimal back support and relief.

SpineGuard System

Equipped with 1Royal SpineGuard System, our individually encased coils provide the optimum care and support for your spine and reduces motion transfer resulting in minimal disturbance to you & your sleeping partner.

Your Holistic Care Mattress

It is proven that a good night’s sleep not only results in less back pain, but also improves memory, boosts creativity, increased lifespan, lower blood pressure, reduces inflammation, better athletic performance, improved learning abilities, sharpened attention, healthier metabolism, reduced stress and greater happiness.

Nothing beats experiencing first-hand - the comfort and the feel of our Spinemaster

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